Weekend Update #2 aka Two-Weeker Palooza

We made it through another jam-packed weekend.

Last Friday was the annual canoe trip. In accordance with FMC tradition, canoe trip day started out rainy but the rain cleared just in time for us to get on the river. The river ended up being perfect for the usual red canoe tipping or optional swimming for whomever. Everyone seemed to have a great time and there was only a minimum amount of canoeing in circles.

Saturday was back to our usual schedule of classes and lessons. In the evening though, we had our farewell to the two week campers. This year, it was an awards show dubbed the Frannies. All of the two weekers received an award invented by the committee running the event. Award-giving was punctuated by performances from campers and staff, including a semi-impromptu recitation of favorite music jokes from the gathered audience. The show was followed by some tasty desserts and collection in “the heart,” the central part of Earlham’s campus.

On Sunday, we had our two-week cumulative performances. All the big groups performed and every two-week camper showed off what they had spent the past weeks at camp working on. After the concert, the two week campers also performed their musical, a Disney-themed showcase, directed by Lori Hicks. It was great to get to see all the work our campers have been putting in for the past two weeks come to fruition.

After the musical, we sadly bid our two-week friends farewell for real. We hope to see them all again next year and we’ll miss them in our final two weeks of camp.


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