Last night was meant to be our traditional game of capture the flag. However, thunderstorms were back, making it impossible to be outside in the evening. So one of our dorm staff came up with a brilliant alternative. We played a camp-wide game of sardines in the dorm. For those who have never played sardines, it is essentially backwards hide-and-seek. At the beginning of the game, one person hides (or in our case, two people, because we played in teams) and everyone is trying to find them. When you do come across the hider, you hide with them. So it ends up with 20 people all hiding together in one place. It was pretty great.

Following sardines, we were getting ready to start collection, when one staff member and one camper appeared dressed up as each other and doing very accurate (but good-natured) impressions of one another. We all lost it. Half of us were in tears from laughing so hard. Multiple attempts were made to settle down and begin our collection song for the evening but after a number of tries, it became clear that it was never going to happen. So we had a laughing meditation instead. For 15 minutes, we sat together giggling, chuckling, guffawing. People doubled over in silent laughter. Every time the laughter seemed to almost abate, another wave started. It was not our usual evening collection but I believe most of us experienced an emotional cleansing of a different sort. Only at FMC.



One thought on “Laughter

  1. Worship happens in many forms!

    FYI: The header still says “Friends Music Camp at Olney Friends School.:

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