The Unbearable Lightness of a Power Outage

Today was not only the first full day of classes and lessons here at FMC but also the first proper thunderstorm of the summer. The thunderstorm knocked out the power on campus for several hours today. Normally, this would not be something to be happy about, but nevertheless, I found myself rather enjoying it.

Thanks to copious windows and emergency lights here, while the storm raged outside, music continued virtually uninterrupted inside. The lack of much aside from natural light gave a tinge of novelty to all our activities for the afternoon. Eventually, the wifi stopped working and the data on many phones seemed to not want to cooperate during the storm as well. Plus, all our gadgets began to die since we couldn’t charge them anyway. In the absence of technology, we were all suddenly forced out of our gadget bubbles and more deeply into our community. We found ourselves gathering in communal spaces that were larger and therefore had more windows and more light.

Music started happening in the hallways, in the lounges, in practice room parties that were clown car-esque. (None of this is uncommon here, but it was especially prevalent today.)

The storm calmed well before the power came back on and we got to enjoy that sunshine that only happens post-storm. Even once the power came back on, the strange, light enchantment of having camp without electricity for an afternoon seemed to stick. I can’t say I minded it at all.


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