Long Days & Short Weeks

A strange thing happens to time at FMC. It’s an oft-discussed phenomenon. The days seem to stretch on for a long time. If you look back on the morning at the end of the day, it seems like it happened a long time ago. Yet the weeks seem to speed by. So before you know it, a week has passed, without you even quite realizing it.

So here’s a recap of the headline stories from the past week:

  • There was an epic pool party in the Earlham Wellness Center followed by an even more epic game of Jenga.
  • Campers rocked the first student recital of the month.
  • The traditional game of Capture the Flag took place. (The Red Team won.)
  • Everyone performed on the first big groups concert of the month.
  • There was a campus-wide scavenger hunt, in which everyone had to find a tree that embodied the spirit of their group, among other things.
  • Rory led a hike through the trails on back campus.
  • The staff had another recital.
  • The boys live rickrolled the girls.
  • And tonight, campers will be doing any number of crazy and awesome acts for Stunt Night.

Phew. It’s been a good week.



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