On changes and endings

The end of camp means a change for all of us. After a month spent together in a very close-knit community, we go our mostly-separate ways. Some find ways to see each other during the year. Others rely on technology and even old-fashioned letter writing to stay in touch. It can be a hard transition, even when lots of exciting things are waiting for us after FMC.

Last night at collection, I was reminiscing about my own lifetime of changes here at FMC. My very first day here was my twelfth birthday, and then when I departed, five years later, on my last day as a camper (sobbing, most likely) I could not possibly have imagined what FMC future was waiting for me. And as I thought about the much younger me, I thought about all the others who have sat in that collection, how much change and growth we have been blessed to be a part of over the years, and how amazing it is to think back on the years you have known someone. There is always a lot of this reminiscing during the month of camp.

And that’s the thing about change, I guess. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s also the only way we can grow. I honestly find change to be an unbelievable mystery. Our bodies and minds and ideas change, the world changes, everything shifts — and yet we still exist, the world still exists. Despite all the sadness this morning, FMC will grow again next summer. And that is a blessing too.

Until the next time,



One thought on “On changes and endings

  1. Thanks, Drea, for your comments throughout the month and for making them available to long-distance fans like us camoer grandparents.

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