Practice and progress

This year, my office is located next to the office and teaching studio of my co-director, Nick Hutchinson. This means I have been listening in on piano lessons (through the walls) all month long. While much of it blends into the background noise, there are a few pieces whose progress I’ve been following closely, probably because the music is well known and familiar.

What has struck me in the past few days is just how much improvement I can hear just over the course of the month. Students who came in at the beginning of the month unable to play the whole piece now can play it. One who couldn’t keep the same (fast) tempo throughout has been methodically working on the harder parts of a piece, and this morning it is really coming together!

A few years ago I had the chance to have some extended conversations with one of our campers about the value of music education at FMC as opposed to at school during the year. He was very articulate about it, and said that while his school program was fine, it was the act of being immersed in music, with people who care deeply about music, every day, all day, that made the biggest difference. This particular camper, like so many other campers and parents, felt like he made more progress in the month of camp than during the whole school year because of this immersive, concentrated, supportive environment.

If you’re following this blog, we hope you’ll help to spread the word about FMC during the year! Word of mouth is the number one way we reach new campers, who can then also benefit from the music, community, and fun we offer here.

– Drea


2 thoughts on “Practice and progress

  1. will Cooney or anyone else living in Philly area be visiting PYM Young Friends (high school) or Middle School Friends gatherings to promote FMC? that’s how Ellie got hooked. if not, I could talk to the YF and MSF leaders about Ellie and/or me doing a presentation there.


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    • Hi BrendaRose! I’m not sure what Cooney’s And New River’s travel schedule is this year. If they’re not coming, though, we’d love for you to do a presentation! Let’s be in touch as the year goes on a bit. -Drea

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