A weekend full of music!

We had a wonderful weekend, full of music and performances!

Our Friday night recital featured a lovely mix of music, from many styles and time periods, including one student composition. The program was rounded out by pieces played on many different instruments, from piano and violin to voice and guitar, and even more unusual instruments like bass trombone and ukulele. As usual, FMC proved to be a great place to perform, with much audience love and support showered on the performers.

On Sunday, we had our first big groups concert, featuring band, orchestra, jazz band, street band, and chorus, which every camper is in (and some staff as well). The wind ensemble, a newer group that is an even mix of staff and campers, also performed. The big group concerts are so much fun to see because every camper performs in them. It is amazing to see them all up there working together. Check out our YouTube channel in the next few days to see the choir’s performances once they are uploaded.

We’re now embarked on our second full week together, ready to make some more music and build even more community!



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