“Do you know how lucky you are?”

Tonight at dinner, founding director of FMC, Peg Champney, asked the campers this question: “Do you know how lucky you are?” She asked this tonight, as she has for many years, because tonight was the first staff recital.

We truly are fortunate at FMC. We have astoundingly compassionate, thoughtful, and musical campers AND staff. All of our teaching staff are professional musicians, and everyone who works here is musical in some way. To hear the adults in our community perform at each staff recital is a highlight of each summer.

Tonight we heard seven varied performances that spanned many musical genres and time periods, from jazz to folk to classical (to klezmer!) and with composers ranging from J. S. Bach to some playing their own works on the program. It is wonderful to be able to witness such talent right in front of us – and yet more amazing, in my opinion, to know personally the people who are playing and to live with them in community. This makes their music even more compelling, which was clear from the amount of loud applause and cheering that followed each performance.

That we know and support each other as people at FMC gives our musicmaking depth, just as making music together deepens and sustains our relationships with each other. We ARE so lucky!



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