It’s the night before campers arrive for FMC 2015, and we are looking forward to tomorrow!

The night before we begin is a quiet one. This year it’s a little louder – but only a little bit – because we can hear July 4th fireworks going off in distant parts of town. But here on campus, staff are gathering, talking, photocopying, planning, composing, and most of all SLEEPING in preparation for the excitement of meeting all our campers tomorrow.

If you’ve ever been a camper at FMC, you know it comes with a lot of anticipation. I remember when I was a camper barely being able to sleep for the week before camp began, and playing probably hundreds of rounds of solitaire (with real cards – that’s how long ago it was!) to keep myself occupied in the hours leading up to our journey west from Philadelphia. I think about our campers tonight, some very nearby, and some still at home, who are anticipating the journey ahead. Some can’t wait to be here and see old friends; some are surely nervous at the prospect of time away from home and parents. But we hope all will find a home of sorts here at FMC, and a time to make music and build community with us.

Here’s to the new year beginning and FMC 2015!


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