They are the Starmites, the mighty Starmites!


Last night the staff and local community got to see the first performance of this year’s musical, Starmites. Directed by Corrie Van Ausdal, who has directed several of our past years’ productions, and assisted by staff members Xavier Suarez, Jocelyn Wilkinson, Emily Gaspar, and Avery Whitted, the show represented a lot of work by the production team and the actors. It was as good a show as I’ve seen here, and a fun musical with a lot of heart and humor.

Corrie shares the following in her director’s note:

“My first experience with Starmites was as a 12 year old in the audience at my High School’s production. Sitting in the red velvet seats, wrapped in the darkness of the theater, I empathized with the Heroine, an awkward misfit who would rather live in her imagination than in the real world. I fell in love with the Hero, with his mixture of Teen idol and Shakespearean swagger. I was wowed by the power of the glorious Diva and her wild Banshee woman warriors as they captured and recaptured the Starmites.

I was swept into the Theater Magic of it all: great lights!, great costumes!, great set!, sound effects!, explosions!, space portals!, an evil supervillain! I was hooked….”

Around the same time as this experience, Corrie was a camper at FMC, where her mother was our musical theater director. It has been an immense pleasure to have Corrie back these past few years contributing her theatrical talent and vision to our productions. She brings her enthusiasm and love of theater to her rehearsals, and you can see how much the campers echo these things in the energy and hard work   that they give back to the show.


If you are coming to see Starmites this weekend, I think you’re going to enjoy it. We’re looking forward to seeing you!



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