Tonight, campus was very, very quiet — but deceptively so. For the evening program, the campers were holed up in the Collection Room for the dress rehearsal of their musical theater production. Although it was hard to tell from the outside, the inside was buzzing as they made their way through the show, getting ready for their first performance tomorrow!

Such work carries on all over campus these days. In practice rooms and rehearsal halls, everyone is playing, playing, playing, perfecting notes and passages and lines, all preparing for the weekend. While everyone has been steadily at work for all of camp, it is these last few days when it can really start to feel like everything is coming together.

While this work has continued nosily — if behind closed doors — our times of silence together have become even more profound. The deep stillness that we find together in morning and evening collection has grown and evolved throughout the month just as our musical skills have grown. Though this silence is harder to come by than practice time in “regular life,” I hope we can all remember to carve out a time for it once we’re back home.

We’re all looking forward to seeing families this weekend and showing them the work we’ve been doing. Although many campers will also be sad that the end is nearing, I know they are proud of how they’ve grown — musically and in other ways as well — and the performances they can offer.


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