“Take advantage of your great imagination”

The title of this post is sage advice….from a fortune cookie. I found the slip of paper on the steps to the main this evening, a remnant of camper take-out.

But it served as a theme for the day as well. Today campers had a good chunk of free time to relax, rest, and decompress from our very busy day in Yellow Springs yesterday. Between Frisbee and reading and just general hanging out, there were also a few impromptu jam sessions.

The one I happened to hear started up, I think, kind of unintentionally. Some campers were taking their instruments out of the building called the Music Box, perhaps to put them away. Then one camper started playing a chord pattern on the ukelele while he was walking (like you do) and another camper, carrying his soprano sax, joined in. A camper with drumsticks started tapping out a pattern on the building’s porch railing; a fourth camper, walking by with her guitar in a case, starting singing along, just a tune in harmony with the saxophone.

They noodled around like this for a little while, until the drummer found an Altoids box lying on the porch. She stopped playing to pick it up and look inside, and I thought she was going to walk away distracted and the song would be over. Instead, she closed the box again, set it on the top of the railing, and started using it as part of her percussion jam. The four students continued like this for several minutes, weaving a tune of their own construction, a melody and rhythm that seemed perfectly suited to a cool evening, when the storm clouds from earlier in the day were just fading around the edges of the sky.

I found the fortune a few minutes later as I headed into the main:

“Take advantage of your great imagination. It will serve you well!”



One thought on ““Take advantage of your great imagination”

  1. Thank you so much for these lovely word-portraits of FMC. I know they take a piece of your time when you’re already busy, but I appreciate hearing about the days of FMC — I savor your posts.

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