A big day ahead of us

Tonight, we had our fourth camper recital (the second this week) — a long and good program featuring many campers on many different instruments. Tomorrow, we travel to Yellow Springs for our annual benefit concert.

The day starts with our usual morning collection, and then big clean up to leave campus sparkling. Then after an early lunch, we all hop on buses to make the three hour trek to Yellow Springs (and we hope there’s not too much construction on I-70!). We do run throughs in the concert space all afternoon, then we have the concert in the evening.

For many years now, the proceeds from the benefit concert have gone towards the Glen Helen Association. “The Glen” is a beautiful nature preserve in Yellow Springs, and it is the home of the actual “yellow spring” after which the town is named. We always feel it is good to use our musical talents to give back to the wider community and, in this case, the natural world as well. If you’re in the Yellow Springs area, we hope we will see you at the concert! It’s a great time to connect to that community and to see former campers and families as well.

After the concert, the campers take the short trip to Young’s Dairy, a great ice cream place and local attraction, and then ride the long way back home to Olney. We’ll arrive in the middle of the night; fortunately, we have a very laid-back day planned on Sunday, with lots of time for extra rest and a trip to the local pool in the evening.

It looks like it’s going to be a busy — but fun — weekend!



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