Music and old friends

Weekends at camp are times we depart from our regular schedule and do things a little differently. Generally, we have our big groups concerts — where chorus, orchestra, band, and other large ensembles perform — and we might have other special events as well.

Yesterday we had our first such concert, and it was really great to see all the campers perform. Many are in multiple groups, but even if they are not, all campers (and some staff members!) are in chorus, which always ends the concert. It is amazing to hear the sound they have created already after only one week together (and only five hours of rehearsal!).

Also this weekend, we had our first annual “Alumni Homecoming” event. We have had one other alumni reunion, in 2008, but now we hope to establish the reunion as an annual event. We welcomed a handful of alumni back to campus; they hung out, visited classes, connected with each other and current campers, and one even played with the Street Band on Sunday’s concert! It was really great to see these familiar faces and get to visit with them to see what they’re up to now, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of our former campers in future years.


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