Our talented campers!

Last night we were treated to our first camper recital — and what an experience! At Friends Music Camp, we welcome and value campers at all levels of playing experience, from near-beginners to much more advanced. And we do have many beginning and intermediate students this year and every year, some of whom played last night with great poise and expression.

We also always have some very advanced students who have been studying for a long time, some of whom may go to performing arts high schools or will go on to study music in college or for advanced degrees. We heard several of these campers play last night. They performed a range of pieces, mostly within the broad category of classical music, that showcased both their extensive technical abilities and their ability to play and sing very emotively and expressively.

The campers always support each other with loud applause and many standing ovations, and last night was full of these things. Each camper who performed — even those who were beginning players — was clearly appreciated by the audience. The more technically challenging pieces were impressive to all, and at several points I found myself holding my breath with anticipation or close to tears with joy and amazement. Tunes from the concert were running through my head for the rest of the evening, a reminder of what a wonderful thing we had all just experienced together.



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