Our inspiring and talented staff

An amazing musical part of Friends Music Camp is our staff recitals. FMC might be smaller than some more well-known music camps, but we still attract a phenomenal staff, most of whom are professional music teachers, performers, or graduate students. While these musicians spend most of their time behind the scenes helping the campers prepare for performances, once a week we get to hear what the teachers themselves can do.

Tonight was our first staff recital and, as usual, it was amazing. Composers ran the gamut from Bach to 20th century composers, and even a few of our own community members. This variety is typical of our staff recitals. Staff members showcased both virtuosity and passion and (hopefully) gave campers a musical model to which to aspire.

I was a camper at FMC in the late 1980s, and I remember being just astounded by the talents of my teachers. I was recalling tonight how we used to record these performances on small hand-held cassette players or boom boxes so we could listen to them over and over. (It is funny to remember how clunky that technology was!) If it is possible, I am perhaps even more appreciative now of my colleagues, knowing more fully what work it takes to get to their level. We are a lucky audience to get to hear these amazing musicians play four weeks in a row.

– Drea


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