Settling In: Week Two in the Girls’ Dorm

Today — a guest post by girls’ dorm counselor Lianna Patch, who is a writer and an editor in her non-camp life. She wrote this last week, but we’ve had some trouble with accessing email lately, so it’s just getting up today. Lianna writes about life in the girls’ dorm:

Figuring out how to arrange rooms in the dorms is a difficult task that has to be done every year, and one that directly influences how camp friendships evolve. Nick and Drea, our co-directors, balance roommate requests with other considerations in an effort to keep everyone happy and healthy (and sleeping at night!).

IMAG1553 As a third-year counselor, it’s been interesting for me to see the dorm evolving. Many of the older girls are returning campers, and the younger girls have sometimes looked to them for advice and direction. Being a teenage girl, as I’m sure some readers remember, can involve a lot of emotion—romantic relationships develop, friendships hit bumps in the road, and sometimes there are oh-so-many uncontrollable hormones to deal with. With three girls’ dorm counselors on staff, though, we’re well-equipped to support any campers who might be struggling.

For the last week, dorm life has revolved around practicing for Serenade, a camp
tradition involving love songs sung to the boys (and, of course, the boys’ Serenade to the girls—which happened last week to a fair amount of shrieking). When we say goodbye to the two-week campers, the dorm shifts again. In the second half of camp, the  four-weekers’ dorm friendships cement themselves, and the girls become more comfortable within their community.IMAG1558

In the meantime, Bonnie, Jocelyn, and I are looking forward to getting to know them all a little better before the end of camp— which always arrives more quickly than we expect.

— Lianna


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