How to have a campfire in the rain

Tonight was the midway point of camp, and our last night with the two-week campers. There are a number of ways we celebrate the two-weekers, including our annual feast and campfire on the Saturday night before they leave.

The Feast this year was a multi-course meal designed by Olney’s great kitchen staff. The theme was “A Midsummer’s Night Feast” and “fairy” attire or other dressing up was encouraged. We enjoyed some entertainment during our extended dinner in the gym as well.

Our inside campfire

Our inside campfire

Our campfire usually takes place on the island in Olney’s lake, and it starts with an extended singalong and ends with a long collection. Unfortunately, this year we’ve had a ton of rain, and the island (and all the wood we had collected) is saturated. When we opted to move collection indoors, we thought we’d have to forego the campfire; however, a few clever staff members came up with an ingenious fake fire involving a lamp, a milk crate, a box fan, and some red and yellow streamers. We were able to enjoy an inside singalong and collection, and we were all amazed at how cosy and inviting our “fire” was. It helped to set the mood for a thoughtful — and a little teary — collection, with thanks for the two-weekers’ presence and hopes that they will return next year.

Tomorrow is a very busy day with a series of concerts beginning at 1:00, including all the big groups, a two-week camper recital, the camp picture, and the two-week musical. I’m looking forward to all the music and fun!

— Drea


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