A busy weekend

Lots going on this weekend!Image

This weekend — our traditional game of Capture the Flag, meeting for worship at Stillwater Meetinghouse, and the first big groups concert.

First, Capture the Flag! This is one of the “camp” type events we do here at FMC, and a longstanding tradition. Part of the tradition is a fierce rivalry between the blue and red teams, which exists only for this one night! (By the way, the blue team won.) Another great tradition is the “purple team”: starting many years ago, campers who either didn’t want to play or really didn’t like the competitiveness of the game started wearing purple to indicate their neutrality. Now a firmly established part of the game, the purple team spent the game watching, making friendship bracelets, and bringing water to people in jail (on both sides, of course).

On the first full Sunday together, all the campers and staff walk up to Stillwater Meetinghouse, on the edge of Olney’s campus, to have meeting for worship with the Friends there. Some of our campers are seasoned Quakers, accustomed to the hour of silence, but many others are not. There were many messages this morning, and many thoughts in particular about feeling thankful for what we have, and for recognizing the presence of the divine in our daily lives. I am glad we have the chance to experience worship at this historic meetinghouse.

Finally, we had our first big groups concert this afternoon. All the campers performed in choir, and in addition we had band, jazz band, wind ensemble (which is a hybrid group of staff and campers), cello ensemble, orchestra, and the street band. It was a fabulous program with much variety. Once we get some video posted to our YouTube channel I will link it here. There is a lot of amazing music to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Here we go on week 2…

— Drea


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