The sweet sound of practice


How could you describe FMC’s morning practice time?

One of the most auditorily striking parts of FMC is practice time, and specifically, morning practice. The hour after breakfast has been designated as a practice time since FMC was founded in 1980, and its sound drifts through not just the current summer, but the memories of anyone who has ever been a camper.

Morning practice wakes up the campus. Though the community is already out of bed, it doesn’t truly feel like we are “awake” until music starts to float out of every room in every building. Standing in a hallway or just outside on the lawn, you can hear strings, woodwinds, brass, voice, piano, guitar, and percussion, all going at once. Some are playing scales, some are holding long tones, others are going full fledged on pieces for tonight’s performance, or tentatively picking out the notes of a new song. The combined sound is reminiscent of some kind of John Cage piece, where many musicians are playing together, but not playing the same piece or even in the same room.

There is a definite musicality to all that sound going at once. The strains of different pieces drift together like the smells of a big meal — distinct entities, but working together to create something bigger. It is part of the rhythm of FMC’s days, knowing we are all working hard — together — towards our individual and collective musical goals.

— Drea


3 thoughts on “The sweet sound of practice

  1. Your posts are so beautifully written, they move me almost to tears. Thank you so much for letting us know about your days. I’d love to know something about what the kids are eating along with photos of the food.

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