Great Performances

Our Friends Music Camp staff members are some really talented folks. All of our teachers are professional musicians, either working or in training, and many of our dorm staff are as well. We have among us musicians who perform on Broadway and in film scores, who have their own bands and chamber groups during the year, who perform in orchestras and opera companies. They are also teachers, many with their own home studios. And they all treasure the opportunity to come to FMC in the summer and play music with each other.

Last night we had our first staff recital. As usual, the concert was outstanding. We had music from many genres and time periods, and there were group collaborations and solo pieces. The campers benefit enormously from hearing their teachers play so skillfully, and there are few venues where you can be as close to the performers as you can be here! You can really watch fingers on the strings and the keys and see singers taking breaths and supporting their sound.

The night before last, we had a special treat, and a first at FMC. The Barefoot Puppet Theater, founded and run by the parents of a current camper, came to give us a performance of their show “Galapagos George” and to do some puppetry workshops with the campers. It was fun to see a different kind of theater than many of us get to see, and the younger members of the audience especially enjoyed the puppets and the story. Maybe we will see some campers inspired to try their hand at puppet work as the month goes on!

— Drea


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