Goodnight, camp

The rush of the first day is over. The campers are sleeping. Campus is deeply quiet. One of the many treasures of Olney Friends School, where Friends Music Camp is held, is its beautiful setting, where the summer days are lush and green, and the night is full of stars, crickets, and frogs croaking in the pond.

At our opening staff meetings, one of our new teachers who is also an FMC alum talked extensively about the smell of the place. Smell memory is powerful, and he talked about the almost-overwhelming emotions he felt when he smelled this place again for the first time in many years. Many of us associate smell, touch, sound, sights, and even taste with this particular place and with being at FMC, either as campers or as staff people. Tonight, many of us appreciate the quiet and cool of the night as a counterpoint to the activity and sound of the day, which will continue as we start our usual schedule tomorrow afternoon.

Goodnight, campers. Goodnight, staff. Goodnight, campus and hills, lake and frogs and fireflies. We’ll see you in the morning.

— Drea


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