FMC 2013 (!)

I hope by now most campers and staff are getting settled back into their normal homes and routines after a great year at FMC. My family is still on vacation, visiting family, but we’ll be back in Chicago by the weekend. For us, school starts pretty soon, and the summer will start to feel far away quickly.

However, it’s never too early to start thinking about next summer…

Our greatest way of getting new campers to FMC is through word-of-mouth. That means it is YOU — the campers and parents (and alumni and friends) who bring new people to our great community. So talk it up! If you love Friends Music Camp, help us build it up for next year by spreading the word. If you want any flyers, postcards, posters, or brochures to give out, just send us an email.

This summer may be almost over, but doesn’t it feel great to start thinking about next summer already?

Much FMC-love to everyone and best wishes for a good year.



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