“O Brother, My Brother”

Where did the week go? I kept meaning to post this week….and yet here we are on the final Saturday, busily packing, preparing for the final rush of performances and the sad goodbyes tomorrow.

However, before we go, we get to hear a lot of good music, and see another performance of this year’s musical, O Brother, My Brother, director Corrie Van Ausdal’s youth theater adaptation of the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? The staff and many other local friends were treated to the first performance of the show on Thursday night, and it was easily the highlight of my week. The kids were full of life and energy, and seemed to love telling the story. The music is folksy and bluegrass-y, with lots of close harmonies, and it was all sung superbly. The kids are backed up by a band comprised of staff member Carolyn Stanley and several campers. It’s a very skilled live band and they add a lot to the show.

Above all, Corrie has written a great adaptation of the movie. It feels true to the original and is clearly a lot of fun for the kids. Corrie, herself an experienced actress, is also a former camper — back from my era in the late 80s and the early 90s. Her mom was our musical director for several of those years as well, and she wrote some of our shows. By adapting this show for our kids, Corrie is carrying on her mother’s tradition of having a show that is really written for the campers we have. It’s been a lot of fun to watch it happen.


3 thoughts on ““O Brother, My Brother”

  1. Does anyone have a recorded copy of this show? My husband tried to capture one for me, but was unable to. Is there going to be a recording of it on the website later? I had to miss this and I really want to see it. Thanks!

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