A Sunday pause

I was very proud of our campers at Saturday’s benefit concert. All performed well, from soloists to choir. I think we put together an impressive program that showed the musical strengths of our talented students. As always, I particularly loved the sound of our all-camper choir. Even though not all of our students love to sing or are really great singers, they all participate fully in the choir, and in turn the experience brings them closer together. I enjoyed the other soloists and groups as well, and I loved how much original music we heard at the concert — from both staff and campers! We really appreciate all of you who came out to hear us and support the Glen!

Today is a day of rest for camp. After the exhaustion of long travel, performance, and not going to bed until the middle of the night, this day is one where we can sleep and rejuvenate. Campers get to sleep in all the way until almost 11 if they need to. This morning, we had a beautiful meeting for worship on the hillside by the soccer field — a clear and bright morning with a light breeze, just perfect for appreciating being together in silence. In the afternoon, campers always go to a local water park to just play for a while. It is our pause before our final push to the end.

Now we embark on our final week. At this point, time always feels like it’s flying. In a week we’ll all be on our way to the next thing, trying to reconnect with our lives outside of FMC. (This is true for most staff as well as for campers!) In the meantime, we’re going to have more lessons and classes, more choir rehearsals, more musical theater, more collections, and more of the joy we share being together.


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