Original works sharing

Amidst the more formal recitals and concerts at FMC, we have a few nights of performances that are different. One is called “Stunt Night,” a kind of wacky talent show where campers can perform fun or interesting pieces that aren’t really suitable for a normal recital. Lots of high hilarity happens on this night, including a traditional skit of campers pretending to be staff. This year included two campers who are skilled jugglers and who perform together at home, a very funny lampooning of the Rebecca Black song “Friday,” some Irish step dancing, and other fun performances.

The other special night is one called “Original Works Sharing,” which happened tonight. While Stunt Night has been around since the earliest days of FMC, Original Works is much more recent. It’s a fairly informal night where campers (and staff) can perform things they have written themselves — it kind of feels like a coffeehouse. Instead of being in the main Collection Room, where we have all our concerts, it’s in the cozy atmosphere of the girls’ dorm lounge. Campers sit on the floor, and the stage is designated by a few simple theater lamps and several strings of Christmas lights. The feeling in the room tonight was so comfortable and supportive as people sang funny songs and love songs, read poetry, told stories or jokes, and just generally shared their deepest creativity with the group. I could really feel the community spirit of FMC thriving in that room tonight.

— Drea


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