Upcoming events

A letter will be going to current camp families soon detailing the events of the final weekend. But in case you’re not a current family, or in case you’d like to see any of the other awesome upcoming events, here is a list of some things you might want to see:

Sunday, July 22: 1:00 — Big groups concert, Two-week camper recital, and camp picture, followed by the Two-week camper musical theater production

Tuesday, July 24: 7:30 — Student recital

Wednesday, July 25: 7:30 — Staff recital

Friday, July 27: 7:30 — Student recital

Saturday, July 28: 7:30 — “Musicians for Justice and Peace,” our benefit concert in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The cost of tickets is low, and all proceeds benefit the Glen Helen Association. More information will be posted soon about this concert.

Tuesday, July 31: 7:30 — Staff recital

Thursday, August 2: time TBA — First performance of the musical “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

Friday, August 3: 7:00 (note time) — Student recital

Saturday, August 4: 1:00 — Final big groups concert, followed by many recitals; Final performance of the musical after dinner for current families

We hope you will come join us for some of our great upcoming performances!



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