“You are lucky people!”

Last week, before the first staff recital, FMC’s founding director Peg Champney told the campers they were “lucky people.” So we all are for the amazing staff recitals we get to attend. I can’t think of any other venue where you can hear all kinds of music, from Handel to Rachmaninoff to something composed this year, and so many styles from folk to jazz to classical to contemporary — all performed by professionals who make their living performing and teaching music. We are lucky to have such wonderful staff (including many former campers) who love to share their talents with our community.

Some of our staff even perform together outside of camp. For example, long-time staff members Brendan Cooney, Martha Hyde, and Lisa Liske-Doorandish have formed a group call the  New River Ensemble. They often perform together here, playing their own original compositions. In addition, they sometimes work together during the school year; this year their performances got a few new campers interested in FMC! At the end of the first week, they also performed some live music, composed by Brendan Cooney, to accompany a few Buster Keaton shorts — a project Brendan has been working on for a few years. We love to see relationships like this flourishing both in and out of camp.



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