Welcome, campers!

The past two days have been a whirlwind of activity as we welcomed our campers to Friends Music Camp and got settled into our first day’s activities. On Sunday, campers met teachers and ensemble leaders, finishing the day with get to know you activities, including a rousing game of “a big wind blows.” Everyone seemed quite ready for bed when it came. Today, we did a few more logistical things like going over rules, but campers were also able to start with their regular schedules, including some lessons, band and orchestra, chorus, and musical theater rehearsal. It was a full and busy day!

We have been blessed the past few days with beautiful weather as well, and it has cooled off in the evenings significantly, making for good sleeping weather. It has been quite a pleasure to have “normal” summer temperatures after a week of extremely hot temperatures both here and, for many of us, at home. (In Chicago, where I live, highs were over 100 for many days out of the last few weeks.) The nicer weather is not only better for people; it is better for instruments as well! Many instruments go out of tune much more easily or simply don’t play as well in heat and humidity, so we are all very grateful for the sunny skies and nice days.



One thought on “Welcome, campers!

  1. I’m so excited for all of them! Thanks for making these posts! I look forward to reading more! Tell Phillip and Gordon I said Hi!

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