One week to go…

One week from today, campers will be arriving at FMC! When I was a camper, I remember this last week before camp used to go like molasses. Every minute seemed like an hour as I waited to depart for Barnesville. I counted down until I could pack my suitcase, until we were packing the car, until we were pulling out of the driveway, until we were on the turnpike….and so on, until we finally pulled up in front of the girls’ dorm and I had arrived.

Now, of course, my situation is a bit different. My week is full of preparations for camp, including packing up my own kids for a month away from home. (How many stuffed animals can we fit in this suitcase?) However, I am still excited to depart and go to what now feels like my second home. I look forward to the adventures this summer holds, to meeting new campers and welcoming returning ones, and to hearing some remarkable music. I hope to see you at some point!



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