An extraordinary staff recital

I never got the chance last week to write about a quite amazing staff recital we had. It was not the program so much that was out of the ordinary – although as usual, it was a pleasure to hear, full of talented musicians – but the fact that we held much of it outside.

It started as a matter of practicality: Olney had been doing some work on the fire alarms throughout the day, and the alarm sounded during the first piece. Of course, we evacuated, but then we waited around before going back in, because we didn’t want to be interrupted again. Finally, someone thought that perhaps we should do all the pieces we could outside (all those that didn’t involve piano) so that we could get through the recital at a reasonable hour.

We all loved the experience more than we expected to. The pure sound of music filled the campus, the campers sat or sprawled on the front lawn in the dusk. It was an extraordinary way to enjoy the evening, and it seemed to put together the best parts of “music” and “camp” that we strive for here.

I’m trying to track down some good pictures of the event to post – when I have them, I’ll put them up.



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