The benefit concert

Tomorrow, we’ll travel to Yellow Springs to give our annual benefit concert. It’s exciting for FMC to have a chance to use our music to do a little service. This year, as for the past several years, the proceeds from the benefit concert will go to Glen Helen, a major forest preserve and educational center in Yellow Springs. (For those of  you not from the area, it houses the actual “yellow springs,” though the campers have all been quick to point out that they are more orange than yellow.) In case you’re planning to come, the concert will be at Mills Lawn Elementary School, and it begins at 7:30 p.m.

To prepare for this concert, we’ve been talking a little bit about both our relationship with nature and how music can create change in the world. Both discussions with the campers have been interesting , especially because they believe very strongly in the power of music to bring people together and make things happen. To give some visual inspiration, we also watched a video from the organization Playing for Change, which brings people together from all around the world to play music together. I’m posting the video we watched here, in case you haven’t seen it  — the campers really enjoyed it.




2 thoughts on “The benefit concert

  1. I love reading your updates Drea et al. I wish I could be there with all of you.
    Good luck at the benefit concert!

    Hugs and Love to all

  2. The concert was WONDERFUL!!! You all are AMAZING!!!! Thanks for all of your posts, it has been great being able to see how things are going. My son is a first year camper and he LOVES IT!!!! Thanks to the staff for all of your hard work!!!!

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