Lots of fun and hard work

This week brought lots of hard work, with some fun thrown in! For a little relaxation, we took our annual canoe trip on Friday. Due to recent rains, the river was much higher than usual. The current was fast, and campers were able to get out and swim along the way – a welcome respite from the intense heat we’ve been experiencing this week. It’s always nice to look forward to a little recreation at a point of intensity in camp life.

It’s about this point in camp when we really start to see campers begin to master pieces they have been working on, and when we see a lot of the big ensembles start to become more cohesive. The sounds coming out of practice studios and rehearsal rooms give glimpses of the hard work going on to those of us outside. We saw many outstanding performances at the camper recital this week, and we’ll see even more tomorrow at our second big groups concert. We’ll also get to see the two-week camper musical. It’s always astounding to me that the small group of two-weekers can pull off a show with just ten rehearsals! We will be very sad to bid goodbye to the two week campers tomorrow as well, but we hope they will be back to join us as four-weekers next year.



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