Misty mornings

When we woke this morning, campus was wrapped in mist. Dawn often comes like this at FMC – cool and wet, making us hopeful for a continued cool day. Usually, the clouds have burned away by lunchtime as they have today, and the day becomes hot. The foggy mornings, though, bring me that sense of peace that predictability and repetition carry. I can remember mornings like this for as long as I’ve been coming to Friends Music Camp.

So too, the repetition of the daily activities here can bring a feeling of place and of togetherness. We all experience daily practice time, when different melodies somehow weave together; campers all sing in chorus right before lunch; we all share the rhythms of cool and heat, music and rest, as we go through the day. The repetition and sharing of morning and evening collection are part of this too, times every day that we gather as an entire community. Much of what campers and staff love about FMC is that it feels like home away from home: someplace comfortable and often predictable, being together with others in community.



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