a little more on the weekend

from guest blogger Lianna:

One of the best things about FMC is that campers get involved in all aspects of camp life, from singing in the all-camp chorus to helping clean up after meals. So when it comes to relaxation and entertainment, there’s no shortage of options for the enterprising camper. The Rec Committee, composed of several kids and a staff member or two, recently put out sign-up sheets for badminton, Ping-Pong and foursquare tournaments in the spirit of some friendly competition. Rec Committee leader and Boys Dorm counselor Nathan Flanders, when asked for a quote, said, “We’re expecting some intense foursquare games this year.”

In addition, everyone enjoyed to our traditional campus-wide game of Capture the Flag on Saturday (team allegiance is a very strong part of camper identity, so there’s a flurry of Blue Team/Red Team pride going around). Before playing Capture the Flag, though, the whole camp joined forces for Big Cleanup, our weekly scouring of the Olney campus (and an opportunity to vanquish, once and for all, the ever-present flies in the Girls Dorm Lounge). After that, campers took a short walk to the Walton Retirement Home, where every year campers play music for residents and spend some time talking with them. All in all, it was a busy weekend!



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