Beachin’ it at Barkcamp (and our first guest blogger!)

I have asked a number of folks here at FMC if they’d be interested in writing for the blog during camp. There are many voices to hear from, so I hope we will get many of them to share!

Our first guest blogger is Lianna, one of the girls’ dorm counselors. When she’s not working at FMC, she writes and edits professionally, so I’m glad to have here writing in this space. Her post follows here:


On Thursday, we loaded up all eighty campers (along with eighty picnic dinners!) and set out to enjoy the manmade beach at Barkcamp State Park, just a few minutes away from Olney. The weather was perfect as FMCers surged down a grassy hill, dropped their towels and jumped into the warm water; later, a few games of Frisbee and volleyball sprang up on the sand while other campers lounged on the hillside, talking and eating.

After suffering under the unforgiving Barnesville sun for a few days, the campers were excited to get off campus and into their swimsuits, even if it meant leaving their instruments behind. Sunscreen was on hand for the fairer kids, and virtually everyone took advantage of the icy water cooler. Two and a half hours flew by, and then it was time to pile back into the buses and return to camp for evening collection, where campers and staff sang the fittingly simple and lovely round “Oh, how lovely is the evening,” and settled into a peaceful silence before bed.



4 thoughts on “Beachin’ it at Barkcamp (and our first guest blogger!)

  1. I know that you guys are very very busy, I appreciate the comments you are writing. It’s been nice to be able to hear what you all are doing and how things are going!!!

  2. I just discovered this blog and am excited to be able to follow it since my son does not give much detail about these things when asked. I do know he’s been singing a lot more than he ever has before… thank you!

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