The first staff recital

Our staff recitals are always a real treat. As musicians, our staff members model both talent and passion. Our teachers are professional musicians and graduate students, and many of the dorm staff are as well.

This week featured eight fine performances of great variety. Composers included figures as diverse as Mozart, Leonard Bernstein, Rogers and Hammerstein, and Tom Waits, and included two composer-performers –  woodwind and jazz teacher Martha Hyde, and D. R. Stanley, who is married to our guitar teacher Carolyn.

I believe that being able to experience such high quality music live – performed by people the campers know personally – is one of the great musical benefits of FMC.  By developing relationships with their students  both through teaching and through living in community together, our staff are able to mentor the campers in ways that enrich both teacher and student. Seeing their teachers perform gives our campers a glimpse of what life as a full-time musician might look like.



One thought on “The first staff recital

  1. Drea,
    Your accounts of camp provide an interesting counterpoint with the “letters from camp” we’ve been receiving from our son:

    Circles of getting to know one another.
    Doubts of completing 4 weeks.
    More games and serious songs.
    He found his toothbrush.

    Don’t tell him I wrote this!

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