Welcome, campers!

Yesterday we welcomed our campers to Olney’s beautiful campus. It was an exciting day filled with lots of meeting new people and seeing old friends. Hugs were doled out liberally, even sometimes among those who had just met. Campers had a whirlwind of a day meeting their teachers and moving into their dorms. They spent the evening getting to know each other through games like “The Big Wind Blows.” After the busyness of the day, I was very appreciative of our pre-collection song, “Dona Nobis Pacem,” and the stillness and silence of our evening collection.

Today, we’ll have the first choir rehearsal in the morning, and start regular classes and ensembles in the afternoon!





2 thoughts on “Welcome, campers!

  1. Thank you for starting an FMC blog, Drea! I am looking forward to reading about all the fun Mia and the other campers are having this summer. Hopefully we’ll get to see some photos as well. Have a great month!

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