Counting down the hours…

As I write this post, I am sitting in the library at Olney. The night is clear, and cool, the campus quiet save for the humming of the copy machine in the background. Staff members, who gathered for meetings over the past 24 hours, are busily preparing for the campers’ arrival tomorrow.

Or maybe they are sleeping, resting up for the big day.

In this time of waiting, we treasure the stillness of Olney’s campus, but we are all very excited to anticipate the arrival of much energy, love, and friendship, all starting with the very first campers tomorrow morning. We know that there are many campers who will have trouble sleeping tonight, who feel like twelve hours is just too long to wait at this point.

We’ll see you in the morning!



2 thoughts on “Counting down the hours…

  1. I’m reading your post wishing Rory were returning to FMC this summer! I know he’s going to miss life at Olney and the wonderful camaraderie of the camp. Good luck to all this year’s campers – we look forward to hearing you perform at the Yellow Springs benefit!

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